Great minds think otherwise.
I love my girlfriend


But then I look in her eyes, thoughts of only you.
If only there was proof I could use to show it’s true.
You Me At Six - Crash
I'll never forgive you, but i'm glad you're happy. I really am.

Wish I knew who this was. But thanks x

biddle, missing you&your stalking. :)

They were the days,
Well I’m still always sitting around brundall waiting for my next prey :D


Just won £20 on a scratchcard…..on the day I get paid….typical.

…but NOT complaining ahaaa!

why do you need to know who I am, its a yes or no answer

The the answer is yes. And I am now very happy with someone else :) and I’m seeing her tonight, and can’t wait.


Tell me who you are and I will answer you

You're happy then us all? Does that mean you are finally over you ex that you where so desperately in love with?...

Didnt say happier then you all?! It was aimed at someone specifically,
And more then likely not you my dear.

Oh, and She was in love with me too, so….? Leave it be? Was actualy thinking it’s nice how it’s all finally settled down and everyone is happy

Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.
Oscar Wilde
Take the piss all you like

I’m happier than you and you know it.

And I left your heart that night by the roadside
Smashed into pieces on the floor
I know forgiveness takes a lifetime
And forgetting takes much more
Dear Sleepers New Song (unnamed

Just a list of things I’d do if I could fly:
Well I would fly straight to the moon
to bring the sands back here to you.
And we’d make castles where we’d spend our days.
And rooms to last eternities.
And perfect cracks get fixed with ease.
And if it falls apart faster than we had planned,
We’ll plan for something else
Doesn’t matter if it’s raining or it’s dark,
You’ll be my something else
The only else cared for, you are.

And if I pray for one more thing, it would be time.
Just a second I could pause,
Just one more minute I’d exhaust.
‘Cause on the list of everything I need
There’s air but first, there’s you and me.
There’s love and love your everything.
‘Cause I’ve had dreams where we collected all the
And put them all to bed.
Because here inside this moment there is us.
There need be nothing else.
This is something I wished for.

If I had to walk the earth a thousand times
I’d do it ‘cause I love you.
Because if you said I had to,
I would know it to be true.
And I would spend every night under the stars
To memorize the patterns both our
Heartbeats would make
It might stop me from shaking.
And the truth is
I’d be shameless
And I’d be grateful
For this one chance
For our first dance.
And you are, you are,
You are, you are, you are the one.

Go Radio - The Truth Is
Seriously, Everyone hates you. And you wonder why you have no friends left? You even betray the few friends you have left. Take a look at yourself. What good do you possibly do in your life. Tell me one good thing. You are pathetic.

I know.


Going to bed early.

Everything is poo